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Ringmaster Automatic Messaging - have you signed up yet to receive the automatic Ringmaster messaging? Over 50 people have and, as over 70% of the population wanted our local Neighbourhood Watch to be activated, we would ask for your support. If you sign up to Ringmaster Automatic Messaging you will receive messages concerning crimes committed in the area, probably on the same day that information is received from the Police.

If you would like any advice, or to speak to a member of the neighbourhood policing team, you may contact us via the 24-hour Police Enquiry Centre (08458 505505) or email us. Please note that this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters.

E-mail Alerts: the Bradfield Neighbourhood Watch operates an e-mail alert system whereby messages received from the Police concerning local crimes or other information is immediately passed on to the people registered on our database. This ensures speedy communication and passes on knowledge that can be instantly acted upon if necessary. To sign up for this free of charge service, please e-mail requesting to be included in all future messages.
Scam e-mails can be reported to the Trading Standards by sending them a copy of the letter or e-mail to the Trading Standards Service, Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD or by e-mail.

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